Frequently Asked Questions

When/where are meetings?
Meetings are held twice a month, with one scheduled on a weekday and the other scheduled on a weekend.  All meetings start at 10:30 a.m. and end at noon.  To find meeting dates and locations, please check our calendar or our Facebook Events.  We are always looking for suggestions on other locations for meetings!

Do I have to pay to come to a meeting?
All meetings are free to the public.  If you would like to become a member to check out carriers, there is a $30 fee (see question below for more details on checking out carriers.)

Can I bring my own carrier?
Yes! Our volunteer babywearing educators are trained with and have experience using a variety of carriers and would be happy to help you with your personal ones. 

Do I have to bring a carrier?
Nope! Our learning/lending library has a large variety of carriers, including soft structured carriers, ring slings, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, meh dais, and pouch slings that you can try out and practice with at meetings.  If you have specific questions about your own carrier, however, we ask they you do bring it with your child so we can check fit.

Is there a _____ in the lending library?
Our lending library is always growing! Check out our database for the most recent list of carriers we have available.

How do I take a carrier home?
If you sign up to become a paid member of Madison Babywearing ($30/year) you can check out carriers to take home each month. You can become a member at any meeting.   

What if I can’t make it to return a carrier in time?
If you know that you will not be able to return a carrier by its due date, you may arrange a drop off beforehand.  Contact us.  There is a $15 late fee for carriers that are not returned within the first 15 minutes of the meeting’s start time.  Returning carriers on time allows other members to learn about them and use them at our meetings.

Can I check out a carrier outside of meeting times?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate checkouts outside of meetings.  All educators are volunteers, and with our ever-growing group size, it is not manageable at this time.  If you believe you have special circumstances, contact us.

Can I check out the same carrier two months in a row?
We work hard to make sure our lending library has a wide range of carrier types for people to learn with and try out, so all carriers must be brought to the next month’s meeting to give members that opportunity.  If the carrier you want is still available at the end of the meeting, however, feel free to check it out again. 

Can I/do I have to bring my baby?
You do not have to bring your baby to meetings, but bringing your baby does allow you to make sure your baby safely and properly fits in the carrier you own/check out.

Can I bring my partner/older child/nanny/etc. to the meeting?
Feel free to bring anyone interested in babywearing to the meetings!  Meetings are free and open to the public, and we love it when other friends and family members get the opportunity to bond with babies through babywearing.  Older children are also welcome to come, though they must be able to keep themselves occupied.  Please refrain from bringing any sick children to meetings, however.